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The Ultimate Guide to finding the right Eye Cream!

Happy Sunday Friends!

The most asked skincare question I always get has to do with eye creams!

"Which ones should I use?" "What's your favourite" "When did you start using an eye cream?"

It's one of my favourite topics because aside from cleansing, it's the step I'm most obsessed with! When I first started working in the industry I was 20 years old, working for Shiseido and knew absolutely nothing about skincare or make up, it was just a position I was asked to fill temporarily that turned into two years lol (and counting to 12 years in this industry) but that's a whole other story! I'm mentioning this because I had a client that was in her late 60's going on 40. I was always amazed by her skin's glow and asked her what her secret was. She said, 'I'm obsessed with eye creams and have been using them since I was 18'. So, here I am at 20 feeling like I'm 2 years behind and needed to get on the eye cream train asap!

Back to the present time, 12 years later (which is weird because I swear I'm still 25) I am still obsessed with eye creams, and have yet to see a fine line! (BRB, need to go knock on some wood now incase I've just jinxed myself lol)

Since I always get asked about this, I thought to create a chart based on the eye cream products I've used and still use and outlining the difference to help find that best product for you!

Here we go! Below are 20 eye creams I've used and you can follow along to see which concerns each eye cream targets to help navigate the best one! These opinions are based on my own personal use of these products currently or over the past years.

The categories include hydration, fine lines, wrinkles, firm/elasticity, dark circles, puffiness, dullness/texture, clean beauty, a cream or gel formula, skin type and if the product has clinically tested results.

The categories checked off for all, are hydration and suitable for all skin types. It then takes a closer look into the concerns and you can follow along to see which one is best for you!

Eye creams are formulated differently and specifically for the thinner and more delicate skin around the eye, they tend to be thicker in consistency compared to face creams as well. They include more oil than a facial cream would and include more active ingredients aimed at the concerns we have around our eyes. When commonly asked why can't we just use our facial creams around the eyes, this is why!

To summarize here are the more specific categories and link to each item!

Gel Formula

Clinical Results

Clean Beauty

Most Purchased

I hope this guide helps navigate a little more in the world of eye creams. If you have an eye cream you swear by, I'd love to know!

Thanks for stopping by!

Beauty Takeover


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