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My favourite sport is shopping a sale

That counts right? (:

I know it's been a while but what better way to make a comeback then with a Sephora Sale post on gift able options and maybe some gifts for yourself too!

That's the best kind no? One for you, two for me.. I mean..This list will be categorized by three groups; The Safe Bets, The Beauty Guru, and Luxe. I'm also going to share my strategy on shopping these sales on how to save some money, because let's be real..most of what we are adding to our cart is impulsive!

*note pricing is in CAN$

The Safe Bets


Of course, I'd have to start off with my all time fav cleanser! This one step cleanser easily and comfortably removes makeup even around the eyes. A milky consistency that turns into a foam making it super gentle and effective! It's also an amazing makeup brush cleanser and a little goes a long way! philosophy's purity cleanser has won top cleanser for over a decade for a reason making it a safe bet gift option!

We all need hydration in our skincare and Dr. Jart's Hydrate and Soothe set is perfect for any skin type! Formulated with Tiger grass and Hyaluronic Acid will not only leave your skin hydrated but repaired and is gentle enough for sensitive skin. It's also a great way of introducing a line to a routine without investing in the full sizes.

This luxe trio lip butter balm will make anyone excited they got this as a gift! It's a limited edition ( theres a new flavour) and super hydrating for all season and they smell absolutely amazing! I use my Summer Fridays Lip Balm all day everyday because of how hydrating, repairing and non sticky they feel. You could always split this kit up too for stocking stuffers or multiple gifts, or even one for you! :)

Because an at home microdermabrasion does exist! Who wouldn't want instant smooth and prepped skin, this addicting set not only will benefit all skin types but it includes gifting that at home spa experience. Vitamin C crystals exfoliate the skin (and smell like a fresh orange) while the lactic/salicylic acid melts the crystals resulting in baby soft skin, trust me.. you won't stop touching your face! philosophy's microdelivery trial kit is also a great intro to the product without having to invest in the full size!

This Laneige Lip Set is a perfect stocking stuffer of a product that is so highly rated making it a safe bet for gifting! Protecting your lips all day and night with the Lip Glowy Balm in Berry for the day and Lip Sleeping Mask in Peach Iced Tea (like fuzzy peach candy scented *drools*) for the evening. I've been using the lip sleeping mask for years every night and your lips are left hydrated and balanced perfect for our winter months to come!

Now that our skin and lips are maximized we can't forget our body care! The Josie Maran Whipped Body Butters are super delicious on the skin, but sometimes guessing someones preferred flavour may be tough to guess! This kit is perfect for options so they can pick a fav and later invest in the larger size, or you can split this gift and it's perfect for stocking stuffers! Plus, they are super hydrating and easily absorb in the skin. Formulated with pure Argan oil, shea butter and avocado oil; my fav is the vanilla apricot.


Moving on to Makeup there are some options that are not only affordable but are universal making them a safe bet for gifting! Rare Beauty products are loved by so many for a reason, but mostly because of how comfortable and lightweight they are on the skin and so easy to blend and use! Either of these kits offer options to experience the brand with the full face option of Selena's Faves (blush, highlight, lipstick, mascara minis) or the mini Blush trio kit of the top shades!

Another universal and easy to use option is Nudestix Pretty Nude Skin set. These products are not only super easy to use but have multipurpose! Blush, bronzer, lip and shadow all in one! The application also makes it perfect to keep with you on the go for touch ups or creating a look on the go! One is matte and one is dewy!

Nars Matte Lipsticks are one of my all time favs for pigment and stay power when it comes to bold colours! We can't afford to have any movement especially with a red or bold shade and these never disappoint! They are minis which allow you to try them out before committing for a great price point and the shades in the kit are universal (this is 1/3 options). The jumbo size makes these super easy to apply too!


Moving on to haircare there is a few options as well that make a perfect gift for all hair types! Briogeo Detox + Repair set is not only perfect for a gift but as a gift for you because of the value. We all could use a detox and Briogeo has been one of my go to brands for just that for years! The kit includes the Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo and Deep Conditioning Mask for an amazing value, you'll see results just after one use. It's also something I think people forget to treat themselves to making it a perfect gift option!

If you've followed along for some time you've seen I only have amazing things to say about Color Wow as it's transformed my hair back to life with my curls! The Best Blow Dry Kit Ever kit is a great starter kit to try the collection without investing in the larger sizes to see what works for you specifically! This kit is for the perfect blow dry (keratin treatment like), maintaining frizz and adding hydration leaving your hair silky and glossy! Another gift idea of an option that someone wouldn't necessarily treat themselves to!

The Extra Safe Bets

These extra safe bet options are if you really are not sure if skincare, makeup or haircare will do because who doesn't love a new set of tools! The Morphe The Best of Blend Brush set is a 7 piece set with the primary options needed for a full face application. It's cute and comes in it's own case! This Beauty Blender kit is an amazing value!! Not only does it include 3 blenders but also a limited-edition Blendercleanser and silicone scrub mat! Other makeup blenders don't compare to the quality of the Beauty Blender, and any makeup fan would love these, or if it were me I'd def split this up!

The Beauty Guru

What do you get the beauty guru you know loves all the latest trends and new products? Here are some options they'd love and why! To start the Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint is FINALLY available in Canada!! A clean, tinted serum that provides light, dewy coverage with mineral SPF 40. Formulated with active levels of skincare ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Plant-based Squalane and Niacinamide and has weightless mineral protection from UVA, UVB, UVC, and blue light with no white cast! It's also available in 30 shades!! Personally, I'm excited for this! It's won best of Allure for 2020 also!

Bold and luscious brows are in and the latest application is all about that laminating effect! That Beauty Guru in your life def knows about this trend and Refy is one of the top rated options for this! With an easy to use applicator and steps on how to get that hold not only transforms your brows but makes a great gift option! The Brow Sculpt Shape is a brow wax-gel that has a double ended brush applicator that sculpts, shapes, and sets hairs in place to create the perfect brow!

Another fav for Beauty Guru's are limited editions. We're probably the biggest suckers for it, at least I know I am. The second I hear limited edition i'm already sold, especially when it includes a limited scent! Already mentioned how great the Laneige lip sleeping masks are and do they ever last foreverrrr, but that won't stop your guru from loving the Laneige All Nighter Lip Set with LE flavours of Gingersnap and Peppermint for the Holiday season!

The highly rated Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balms also has a Limited Edition trio set with LE flavours! These balms are gentle, clean formulated, comforting on the skin, and make an amazing double cleanse option. The first scoop alone will have you love these and how it melts away your makeup will keep you loving them! Plus, the Strawberry Basil, Lemon Mint, Peach Thyme flavours are delicious.

Magnetic lashes are trending right now and a lot are hit or miss, personally I have yet to try these but the reviews are amazing and they are now available at Sephora. The Velour Magnetic Effortless Kit is an innovative magnetic lash kit that includes an effortless lash style and three-in-one magnetic eyeliner. I guarantee that Beauty Guru would love to test these out!


For those Luxe people in your life that love the brand names and trending products, these options are for them! Gucci is my fav brand so I may be bias, but who wouldn't love that bold red Gucci lipstick with a purse size rollerball of the classic Bloom fragrance! Gucci lipstick shade is Rouge à Lèvres Mat in Janet Rust!

If you've followed along for sometime you would have seen me share this product multiple times and how I always have a back up, or 5! This duo kit is a great value and opportunity to use the cleanser but I'm here for the Exfolikate! This addicting chemical exfoliator is my fav for an at home treatment. Your skin is instantly smooth and soft and pores are shiny clean, you'll get addicted and want to use this every day! (but don't lol it's very active)

Necessaire body products are soo beautiful! They are clean formulated and this set specifically is in Eucalyptus, leaving you with that spa like environment at home! Set includes the exfoliator, body wash, serum and body cream.

Last but not least is this Honey Infused Haircare Set from Gisou. This brand is def a fan fav and although I haven't tried the full collection personally, I know it's on a lot of people's wish list! The set includes the shampoo, conditioner, mask and ever so popular hair oil. It's targeted for all hair types, and smells amazing.

If you've made it this far, wow thank you very much! I hope you've found some value in these options and inspiration for any gifts or gifts for yourself! As mentioned at the beginning, my trick to saving some $ during these sales is by shopping with a plan. No, it's not an extra discount code but instead being mindful at checkout. At the beginning of these types of Sales, I fill my cart with everything I want (as this step is always impulsive lol) then I let it sit there until the last day of the sale. That way by the near end some items will start to sell out, and that's how I eliminate my temptation to checkout allll the things! Instead, if it's sold out I convince myself (lol especially when I first started shopping this way) that it wasn't meant to be!

Happy Shopping and thank you for following along!

I'd love to know what your top picks were for the sale or what's on your wish list!


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