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Nature, views and magic! Ibiza, Spain

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Welcome to an escape to Ibiza, Spain!

The time spent at the Hacienda Na Ximena was probably the most breathtaking experience.

The views seem like a painted picture or a dream turned into reality.

Your experience is relaxing, private and one of the most luxurious locations in Ibiza.

The room itself is one of the most beautiful places I've ever stayed or even imaged. The hotel is on a 180 metre cliff, and is the first five star hotel in Ibiza.

After a pretty long drive from the airport, passing all the party hotels and clubs, through the trees and nature you arrive at the beautiful Hacienda.

The Spa is quiet and private, with a boutique experience, the opposite of the party scene in Ibiza.

Palm trees surrounding the spa, and as you enter the narrow road increasing in height you can't wait to see what view you are about to experience.

The lobby is welcoming and simple. The entire spa is simple in its decor because the views, weather and ambiance is all you need.

We visited at the end of the Ibiza season (May to October) and felt like we were one of the few people there. The spa has 77 rooms.

Clean, simple and unique pieces are found throughout all the common areas, with attention to detail and story telling, like the carved doors and furniture pieces.

After checking in, you are escorted to your room, passing the main pool (they have an indoor one too), and organic restaurant. There are private cabanas for guests to relax in and enjoy a drink or two! It was impressive that a lot of the people working there not only spoke English and Spanish, but also French and Italian.

Now to the best part! Before entering the room I found this little touch on how to express you need room service to be adorable!

We stayed in Eden Junior Suite with a sea view, and terrace (the best part). The room itself is neutral and simple, because you will be outside majority of the time anyway! Features include a Jacuzzi, mini-pool, and sun beds.

Welcome to Paradise!

This spacious suite showcases beautiful mediterranean views with the most relaxing and private mini pool. You can change the temperature to be colder or warmer depending on your preference!

You can enjoy your day in the pool overlooking this view, or have a seat with a morning coffee or mimosa!

And overlook this view with a mix of the ocean sounds, surrounding birds, and breeze.

There's something so calming about stepping into this reality for a few days compared to your busy reality back home. The view and atmosphere leaves you with a feeling of appreciation and awe of how beautiful our world is.

That's the thing about sunsets, you can see a million of them and always still be amazed on how beautiful it is.

When you are not enjoying the beauty of your room, you can spend your day at the spa. This unique style spa, is a sanctuary experience highlighting the balneotherapy (mineral springs) treatment of cascading levels and water temperatures. The best part is the edge looking over the ocean! The spa also offers yoga classes, meditation, massages and facial treatments.

I hope you've enjoyed this little piece of paradise!

Lastly, here's a little video of my favourite sound waking up at Hacienda Na Ximena!

Thank you for stopping by!

Beauty Takeover xo

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